How to write an essay well

There is a huge amount of works by famous linguists on what an essay is, what a present and high-quality essay should be, as well as how an essayist should be guided when working with text.

After a thorough analysis of many well-known works, we can draw certain conclusions. The main issue of the essay is the correct argument. Due to the originality of the argument, the essay has the attribute leave reason and standardized argument. When writing an essay, it is important to remember that the line of argumentation should not yield to the simple formalism of traditional logic. Understanding the arguments should be based on valid assumptions, checked or not, because if only the assumptions to be verified were valid, the essay would be reduced to a mechanistic proof of reality.

Thus, an argumentative act should be built throughout the entire process of interaction with the object. Arguments in any essay are an extremely important aspect, because without convincing arguments the essay loses its essence. In this case, the arguments are the results of interaction between the subject and the object, in which logic and truth are a means, not an end in themselves. The argument should not be characterized as an unreasonable search for truth.

Truth, as an end in itself, is responsible for eliminating the originality of the argument required in the essay. This is because if truth existed by itself, an essential component of originality could not exist, since all originality presupposes astonishment in the traditional understanding of something. Argumentation is the rejection of the affirmative principle of something and the constant rejection of ready-made answers, previously presented as a way of solving questions. This is the reason in motion, where truth is only the moment when something seems to be the result of a certainty or existence of a certain element.

The assessment of any essay also depends on the correct argumentation, which must also be sufficiently original. The originality of the argument is to consolidate the movement of the dialectic, in which the rational act of argumentation is the engine of the movement that transforms the understanding of reality. The originality of the argument is that it finds new and different elements from those traditionally presented, that is, it is a new reason, proof, demonstration or hint that changes the qualitative understanding of the object, but does not turn the argument into a truth.

The essayist (in this case, the student) must make sure that their essay equally has both a convincing argument and a correct and precise meaning. The purpose of any essay is to convey information, thoughts of the essayist, as well as their views on a certain side of the issue. Fully understand how to write an essay well you can only after careful preparation and a lot of training. Only by developing the skill of writing, logic and analysis, the essayist can put all their thoughts in the correct order, following all the established rules for writing an essay. These skills come with experience that can only be obtained through trial and error.

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